May 1, 2012

Little Windows

My month and a half of being crazy busy is finally behind me. Shwew! While there was plenty of work thrown in, there were lots of fun things that happened too. Here are some little windows to look into:
Fresh Flowers
{The first bunch of ranunculus I bought. I just love them.}

Pretty To Do Lists
{Making my to-do lists look prettier. This was for things to look at during an Ikea trip.}
Father Daughter Dance 2 Father Daughter Dance 1
                  {My friend Therese choreographing a hilarious dance with her dad on her wedding day}
Little Crocs
{My nephew's baby Crocs. This is the only time I'll ever like them. }
Waffle House
{Late night snacks while traveling.}


Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

Such pretty flowers! And yeah, crocs are cute when they are wee :)

dulci said...

gorgeous flowers!

T. Cooper said...

haha... i made you blog but I love the pictures. Please send them my way!