February 16, 2012

Words of Wisdom: The Kitchen Edition

Image via Hungry Prints on Etsy

We all know I love four things*: 1. Letterpress 2. Good Design 3. Coffee 4. R. (my boyfriend)

I love them all. I especially like when some of them are combined and this new print from Hungry Prints may just be showing up in my kitchen soon. I count this as a win-win purchase since it would then combine all four if I hung it in my kitchen, where R. can be found sometimes too because he lives with me! This may also be sick person logic, but who cares. The print is rad. 

*In no particular order. Don't want R. to feel like I love coffee more than him, though I do probably say the word coffee more times in a day than his name. Gotta work on that.

(Found via Abbey Goes Design Scouting)


Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

This is a pretty perfect phrase for our kitchen too. You should totally get it!

Shoko said...

This is Morning Me in a nutshell.

Quindome said...


I love that you are in agreement! This is totally the nudge my cheap self needed!

Quindome said...


You seem much too charming to be a morning grump! Can this be true!?

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

This is just great!! Love how the print is hanging w/those clips!!