December 12, 2011

Weekend Plans

Animal Hats
Donut Fryer
Donut SignDonuts on a Stick
Decorations at Montmarte
Brunch at Montmarte
Little Restaurant
Bikes in DC
Ted's Bulletin Menu
Ted's Bulletin
Wreaths on DoorsYellow Door
Images 1, 3,4, 9, 10, 11 from top right courtesy of R., who used the digital while I busted out my Instax.

This was my first weekend in at least 2 years where I didn't have to feel guilty for doing fun things because I'm finally done with my thesis and it was wonderful. R. agreed to do anything I wanted on Saturday as part of our post-thesis celebration and I chose to go to Eastern Market in Capitol Hill. I've never actually been during the winter, so it was fun to see of the the Christmas stuff they had. We spent the whole day walking around, having snickey snacks, drinking coffee, browsing the flea market, looking for used books and taking pictures. We had brunch at Montmarte and finally got around to dinner at Ted's Bulletin, both of which I would recommend to anyone visiting DC. We've been to Montmarte many times, but Ted's Bulletin was something I'd wanted to do for at least a year, but had been too busy. I loved the decor and the old movies they played, not to mention the food was delicious! Sunday was filled with nothing really, so this is really only my Saturday. I just didn't think anyone would want to see my laundry or the giant blister I got from a pot of bubbling, hot butternut squash soup that we didn't like anyway because of too much sage. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are off to a happy Monday!

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T. Cooper said...

or you could just make butternut squash the way my family eats it. Boil until tender, drain, add a little butter, lots of marshmellows, and blend (mixer or blender). Healthy... i think not, but it is like candy to me!