June 25, 2010

Let the Whistle Blow

It's nine million degrees here, so whatever I do this weekend will most likely be indoors fun. A pressing paper publication means I'll be waking up bright and early on Saturday morning for some library action. Hopefully I can make it to a little farmers market and I'd really like to try out a new baking recipe, maybe even a pie. I hope your weekend is sunny, filled with lemonade and popsicles, and fully air conditioned!

P.S. This video is dedicated to my brother Raven. When we were little and we would see the first Country Time Lemonade commercial, we knew summer was coming. This would make us really happy and I never see those commercials without thinking of him. Even though this commercial was way beyond our time, I love when they ride off in the side car!


Jane said...

have a great weekend! baking and farmers markets sounds lovely -- and AC and popsicles... I'm in heaven! good luck on your paper! xx

house 09 said...

I also hope for a very sunny weekend. being from seattle, I'm still waiting for summer to really kick in :( hopefully before fall arrives!
have a lovely weekend yourself!

Elizabeth said...

Oh air conditioning and lemonade, how I love you.