May 18, 2010

Skillz. With a Z.

desert island books: my 24
Image via Steve on Flickr

There are a lot of things I'd like to learn, but here's my top 5 list today:

1. Where all the cool thrift shops are in DC- I don't like to drive and therefore, haven't even looked. Don't get me wrong, I adore the metro, but don't feel like jaunting around with my bags full of old clothes on it.
2. Letterpress -I might take a class at The Hive. Not only is it near my house, but those girls are so cute!
3. How to take better pictures-Again, they have a class at The Hive, but I don't have an SLR camera and think the cool kids in class might make fun of my feeble attempts. I'm insecure and nerdy.
4. Why my basil plants hate me and always die. Is it because I pluck to many of your leaves? Is it because my other plants intimidate you.
5. How to whistle with my fingers- I used to have a bus driver who could and have been planning to ever since. Seems like an invaluable skill.

Things to Ponder on this Tuesday afternoon. What would you like to learn?

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Elizabeth said...

The Hive sounds like heaven. I say sign up immediately. I'd like to learn to reupholster furniture so that I could make ugly things not.