March 29, 2010

Weekend Plans

Yoinks! Small panic attacks over the amount of work to be done abounded all around. I panicked over our trip to Vegas next weekend (yay!), overtime work I needed to get done for my job, thesis stuff beyond my control, and even cleaning. It is my nature though and I tried to move past it. Friday night we had dinner with our friends Ayan and Ian because Ayan was getting ready to fly back home to L.A. It was bbq delight, followed up by the best darn basil pineapple gelato that Whole Foods could muster. Saturday we all woke up early to meet our normally overseas landlord, who we've never met. I tried to brush my hair and look presentable, so I hope it worked. After that we all went to breakfast and later I had coffee/window shopping with a friend. Yeah, I know that bear threw you off... No I did not venture into the great outdoors! Sunday was pretty low key, with my Jello Mold (Thanks! Great Gift) keeping me occupied. This week will be mega busy trying to get all my work stuff wrapped up before my trip, but I don't mind because I'm thinking, I'm going to get to see Dita Von Teese at The Crazy Horse while I'm in Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

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Mandy said...

Love the photograph with the converses !!!!