March 23, 2010

Weekend Plans

Beer Sampler
JellyBelly Dispensers
Bombay Cafe
Green on Green
Solid as Barack
Colorful Crowd
Lucky Guests!

Sorry that Weekend Plans wasn't updated until Tuesday. After two weekends of having guests, I was totally wiped out on Sunday and basically crashed when I got home last night. It was totally worth it though to have our friends come visit and we had a really nice time. We just hung out, watched The Room (if you haven't seen it, just come over, we'll MAKE you watch it), went out for some great food, and had a super low key, but good time. Normally, I don't include too many pictures from my Friday afternoon, but I did get to see President Obama while I was at work, so that was rad enough to get included. Saturday, we went to the Dogfish Head Brewery and Bombay Cafe, so I'm sorry that the post is a little food heavy. I got a new haircut on Sunday and hope I look more Amelie than Roseanne Roseannadanna. We, umm, maybe, also went to get Jelly Beans, but I swear that was not my idea. After our friends left, our roommate, R.L., and I watched out own mini Breaking Bad marathon, which was really good. All I know is, I didn't learn anything from my Chemistry classes. It was a really pleasant weekend.

P.S. I normally don't post pictures of people, so when we have guests I really try to focus on them. My weekend plans pictures may be sort of scant when I have guests. Sad for the blog, but better for my friends.


Stephanie said...

I do love that necklace and you got to see Obama max jealous!

Anonymous said...

I wish my weekend plan included the man himself.. I mean the president.. wow. He looks so.. um... presidential.. wow. I like this man.. a lot...