March 31, 2010

Spirit Animal

Image via modernjune on Etsy
There is a running joke at my house about our spirit animals. Okay, so what is that, you ask? Well it's just the animal that best embodies you. I'm sure there's more to it, but c'mon, let's just keep it lighthearted. My spirit animal? The squirrel! They are busy, they love to dance and prance about, they scare easily and they like to fill their chubby cheeks with treats. I love them so much, I get distracted when I see them. I even like to watch silly squirrel videos on YouTube. I was thinking that I might like a new bag for my trip and this is what I want. It says, "I like squirrels, but not in a weird, girls who like ponies, sort of way."

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You Are My Fave said...

Very cute.

My tiff with Target was over the Liberty of London line too. Such a disappointment. And they didn't have the bike in store that I wanted.