March 19, 2010

Fear and Clothing

Image via Anthropology

I'll be off to Las Vegas in a few weeks and I must admit that I'm not sure what to wear. I mean, can I just bust out my tourist fanny pack as soon as I get there or would that be impolite? I'm not really one for warm weather clothing anyway and I am really not looking forward to buying summer clothes. The only real aspect of summer clothing I like are the sandals, but who doesn't like toe freedom? I'm going to the wedding of two friends and of course will be getting dressed up. I have been looking at some pretty dresses online, but this has been my favorite. If only my wallet agreed with me... So I guess, I'll just have to go with plan B: Rent a Showgirl costume (a very modest one, if they exist). Do you think those come with cardigans?

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Stephanie said...

Oh I do love that Dress, it is amazing. I really love Anthropology and Free People (same company I think) but I absolutely can not justify spending that much money on clothes that were made in China. I'm not even an anti China shopper I just know what that dress cost them to make and all I hear is Flight of the Conchords in my head:"Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when you got little kid slaves making them"